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Why do we work?

Do we work because we have to make a living? Sure, but is that it? I believe work can be so much more.


I love life and my work is a huge part of it (God, Family, Work).  We’ve created a company for people who want their work to be meaningful and fulfilling. For people who view work as one of life’s gifts, rather than a burden to be shouldered until retirement.

We’ve created a culture of Freedom & Responsibility where people are in charge of their work and accountable for amazing results. At Princeton, your workday is filled with autonomy and discretion that is used to achieve mastery and expertise. We only want to work with people who have the grit (passion + perseverance) to do the hard things required to achieve their goals.


At Princeton, we believe people love challenge. It forces us to stretch ourselves – to go outside our comfort zones. Nothing beautiful comes without some pain.


Our work is an opportunity for social engagement – for fulfilling the basic human need for meaningful relationships. We build meaningful relationships through our work and shared values of Radical Candor & Radical Transparency.


What really gets me going is the opportunity to live my life working with amazing people who all want to serve others and become better versions of themselves. None of us are perfect. Most of us are really flawed. Each day we can choose to get better.


That’s what we’re about at Princeton. We’re a team of great people trying to make the most of life by having a positive impact on others.


We hire great people. We foster a culture where they can thrive. We do lots of really challenging work. We get better every day. We help people. We do what we say we’re going to do.


Oh, and as a result, we’re really good at the mortgage business and helping people thrive.


We’re a little different than most. If it interests you, I hope you’ll reach out.


Rich Weidel

CEO, Princeton Mortgage

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