Business Development Associate

Job Title: Business Development Associate                                                                      

Job Location: Remote

Desired Start Date: Immediate

Is this a place you’d like to work? We’re a team of people on a journey together to make the most out of life and become the best version of ourselves. We’re working for something bigger than ourselves though – we are working for Our Mission – to deliver The Effortless Mortgage. We’re a deliberately developmental organization – an incubator of potential.


Tired of watching the sales people make all the money? Become one with the Princeton Producers Program. 



The Princeton Producers Program is designed to help people with mortgage knowledge become high performing Wholesale Account Executives.

In our experience, people with deep mortgage knowledge can quickly become high-performing account executives. We’re really good at teaching people how to generate business, especially if they have a deep understanding of the mortgage industry and process. The era of the hard sale is over. Brokers want to work with people who are subject matter experts. We don’t sell, we provide value.


During the Princeton Producers Program, we will be teaching you about our system, pricing, and process to help you develop the skills needed to be a Wholesale Account Executive.

The Job:

To succeed in sales, you must prospect. And that’s where this job starts: prospecting. You will start off in the training program as a Business Development Associate, working cold, warm and hot broker leads to get them interested in talking with a Princeton Wholesale Account Executive. 



  • At least 2 years experience (more is better) in the mortgage industry working in sales or operations

  • Ideal candidate will have experience as a closer, processor, underwriter, call center loan originator, or loan officer assistant

  • Deep understanding of how to structure and conventional / government loan programs

  • Grit. This job is a grind. There will be lots of rejection. But this is the process that all great sales people master. There is no short cut to success. And you will learn valuable skills that will support you throughout the rest of your career. 

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