Business operations analyst



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0-3 years            


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Pennington, NJ


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Is this a place you'd like to work? We’re a team of people on a journey together to make the most of life and become the best versions of ourselves. We’re working for something bigger than ourselves – we are working for Our Mission – to deliver The Effortless Mortgage. We’re a deliberately developmental organization – an incubator of potential – and help you get where you want to go.

Princeton Mortgage seeks to hire a Business Operations Analyst to report directly to the CEO. The Business Operations Analyst has three main objectives:

  1. Administer the ‘machine’, i.e., the culture and processes that produce results.

  2. Increase the CEO’s effectiveness and execute on his behalf and coordinate the leadership team.

  3. Administer the People Operations Machine.


This job is for a highly motivated person and is intended to build a foundation for future opportunities within the company. This is a key job within the company and the candidate is expected to make a minimum two-year commitment to the job. Following the two years, this person should be well-positioned to pursue exciting growth opportunities within the company with increasing challenge and responsibility.


Who Does Well Here – Candidate Description

The type of person who would do well in this job is great at executing, solving problems, building systems, and finds meaning in helping others. They must love new challenges and thrive with increasing amounts of responsibility.


People who are thriving in our organization are ambitious, continuous learners. They seek challenges and responsibility, have a growth mentality, have a deep desire to reach their full potential, and are able to achieve results.


The candidate must have a proven track record of achieving excellence in everything that they do (school, sports, personal, professional), must be highly motivated, be detail oriented, and have a high EQ. This person must effectively collaborate with the CEO and complement his weaknesses while staying on the same page. This person must be good at turning ideas into action.


The Responsibilities

This person is the glue that holds the organization together by ensuring that everyone is truly following, and adhering to, the company’s core processes and culture with consistency. A summary of the responsibilities are:

  • Manage projects across the organization to turn ideas into action. Review business processes and company policies to help enhance workflow and develop a stronger company.

  • Responsible for ongoing administrative tasks related to the CEO; i.e., manage the CEO’s phone, email, schedule, and follow through while operating with a high EQ.

  • Collaborate with the CEO to create meeting agendas and administer post-meeting action items.

  • Create presentations, communications, analyses, and reports on behalf of CEO and leadership team.

  • Demonstrate a relentless obsession with values alignment, focus, simplicity and clarity.

  • Administer the company communication architecture and information sharing.

  • Support the People Operations team with administration of HR and performance management.

  • Hold the CEO accountable for his deliverables, i.e., make sure we do what we say we are going to do.

  • Deliver and receive candid feedback.

  • Maintain a high-level of discretion and confidentiality at all times.

  • Be an exemplar of the company culture to employees and clients.

  • Get done whatever needs to be done.


Our Assumptions

We treat our people how we want to be treated, and assume they:

  • Are trustworthy

  • Are smart and will figure it out

  • Seek responsibility and accountability

  • Want to learn

  • Are happiest professionally when they are doing good work at something they think is meaningful

  • Are motivated to work and enjoy controlling their work environment if certain conditions are satisfied

What’s it like working here?

Working here is like being part of a sports team. Not a club team, but a professional sports team that’s trying to win the championship. We foster an environment where motivated people can thrive and achieve amazing results.

Our Purpose: We exist to be a place where people can discover and pursue their potential by fulfilling Our Mission.

Our Mission: We Do What We Say We’re Going to Do. Deliver The Effortless Mortgage.

Our Culture: How We Do Things

Enables the execution of Our Strategy, the achievement of Our Objectives, and the fulfillment of Our Mission.

  • Freedom: Work for what you want

  • Responsibility: Hold yourself and others accountable for results

  • Integrity: Do what you say you’re going to do

  • Purpose: Develop meaningful relationships through meaningful work

Our Values: Define Our Culture and How We Behave

We value Compassion, Humility, Truth, and Grit.

  • Compassion: Take action to help others

  • Humility: A growth mindset and an open mind

  • Truth: Consciously confront facts, challenge assumptions; be radically candid and radically transparent

  • Grit: Passion and perseverance

Our Objectives: What We Do to Fulfill Our Mission

We measure Our Objectives with Key Results to learn and enhance our capacity to fulfill Our Mission.

  • Team: We hire motivated people and foster an environment where they can thrive

  • Customers: We obsess over delivering what our customers want

  • Growth: We build predictable, scalable growth

  • Profit: We design systems to operate the company efficiently

Who We Are:

Princeton Mortgage is a team of motivated people who are driven to achieve excellence in their work and reach their full potential, while enjoying the journey. We want to do great work for our customers. We’re also a little weird (in a good way).

Princeton Mortgage was founded in 1983 as a licensed mortgage banker and is backed by a 100+ year old multi-faceted real estate investment, brokerage, and insurance company. we are positioned as a well-capitalized banker that is debt free and is creating dynamic new opportunities within our industry. We are stewards of a legacy that took over 100 years to build.

  • 35+ years in a business as a full-service Direct Lender

  • Backed by a 100+ year old organization

  • 10x current excess balance sheet and warehouse lending capacity

  • Direct to Fannie & Freddie as an Approved Seller Servicer

  • FHA Full Eagle

  • Rural Housing Approved

Next Steps

For more information, please submit your resume and cover letter to Morgan Fincher:

All inquiries  will be  kept confidential.





439 Grand Avenue

Ewing, NJ 08628

*The Princeton Promise is subject to applicable lending rules and regulations and is subject to change.

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